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Various Methods of Spa Massage in Venice, CA

Deep-Tissue Massage in Venice, CA

At Venice Beach Massage Spa, we treat our customers to relaxing services in a tranquil setting. Our certified therapists specialize in deep-tissue massage in Venice, CA. In this style of massage, the therapists use their hands, elbows, and forearms to apply deep pressure to your muscles, with a focus on knots and problem areas. With this treatment, you can begin to experience relief from pain and tightness. .

Deep-Tissue Massage | Venice, CA

Stone Massage – Deep-Tissue Massage | Venice, CA

Whether you are recuperating from a sports injury or just unwinding from stress, our massages are the healing treatments for you. Visit us when you want to settle down and let a certified massage therapist perform an enjoyable treatment.

Available Massage Services

In addition to deep-tissue massage, we offer other forms as well. Each treatment is $50 per hour and performed by an experienced, friendly masseuse. Our services include:


Swedish Massage - A Light, Pleasant Massage
Acupressure - The Chinese Approach of Reflexology
Sport Massage - Addresses Athlete’s Injured or Sore Areas
Shiatsu Massage - Relaxing Massage That Lets Your Energy Flow through Your Body

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